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Boğaziçi Üniversitesi/Kimya

          I, Sude Türkeli, participated in the “ReThinking sustainability” project held in Trofaiach, Austria between June 21-28.
          First of all, this project was a very exciting and awareness-raising experience for me.
Sustainability is an issue that is unfortunately not that important nowadays. It was a very important opportunity for me to be able to contribute to our environment and society by taking part in such a project. Even though it was my first experience, I had no trouble adapting. I would like to thank Goran and his team for providing this comfortable environment to me and my friends, and to the Antalya Association of Value Creators for providing us with these opportunities. This project gave me the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge, develop my consciousness and make international friendships that I can sustain for a lifetime. A whole week that we spent intertwined with the wonderful nature of Austria, the conversations we had around the campfire in the evening with songs, and seeing a different vision and mission from each person was very good for me and my mind.
          Many activities were carried out in the project. In addition, there were activities that we had to do as a group. We bonded well with each other through these activities, and we strengthened our relations with the games. Before these activities, we were learning to prepare our body for life, as well as our soul, with yoga and stretching exercises, which are especially needed in the mornings. Everyone worked diligently and enthusiastically. Of course, at the end of these works, we had a lot of fun in the evening.
          There may be friends who want to join the project but have question marks in their minds. My advice to you is never hesitate and if you get such an opportunity, make sure to take advantage of it. Of course, make an effort to get the opportunity. I personally had the opportunity to spend some of the best days of my life on this project, and I will continue to participate in these projects as I get the chance. Remember, you come to the world once and enjoy giving yourself unforgettable experiences by traveling and seeing.
All opportunities are for you and the universe is serving you!

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Elfin Rana KAVZA
Yıldız teknik üniversitesi

Kimya Mühendisi

    I'm Elfin Rana Kavza. I participated in the project on ReThinking Sustainability held in Trofaiach,Austria.


       There were people from many different countries in the project. In this way, while learning something about sustainability, I also established relationships with people from different cultures. I had the chance to witness their culture closely. We both met and bonded with each other, had a pleasant time together, and had the opportunity to discuss what kind of work is being done on sustainability in different countries. Everyone talked about their own country, the problems they experienced in their country and what they thought could be done to get rid of these problems. We stayed in a very sweet place and we had fun together in the evenings as much as we learned something during the day.


      One of the best things about the project is that the training part is not implemented in the boring way we are used to. Sometimes we wrote and animated sketches, sang songs, and sometimes read articles. Everything was as balanced as possible. We didn't have to read and argue until it got boring or use creativity until we got tired. Thanks to this, everyone was energetic and happy.


       My friends who are considering joining the project may have concerns or question marks in their minds. But I can say that everyone is aware of what they are there for and when you go there, you don't have the slightest nervousness. Everyone is respectful to each other, open to knowing different cultures and trying to spend their already short time in a positive way.

       I woutl like to thank Antalya Value Creators Association for giving me this opportunity

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Melike DÜZCİ
Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi/Matematik Öğrt.

          Hello everyone, I am Melike. Between July 14-22, I had a very nice project experience in Casoaia, Romania thanks to Antalya Value Creators Association. "A World of Difference" train-the-trainer program trained us for 1 week on how to become a trainer. This project topic was very exciting for me. Because, as a pre-service teacher, I was very eager to learn how to be a trainer.

       During the training, while developing self-confidence to become a trainer, we learned many things such as how to use time efficiently, how to organize, different concepts of group and team. At the same time, we improved our cooperation and communication skills by having the opportunity to work with different people during the training.

       Outside of the training hours we explored the natural beauty of Casoaia. I made great friends by communicating with people from many different countries. In our free time we played games like table tennis, volleyball and uno. We taught each other words from our languages and exchanged cultures. We talked a lot, had fun and promised each other that we would meet again. On our last day, we said goodbye to each other with a beautiful campfire.

          All participants in this training were responsible, willing to learn new things and stable. I feel very lucky to have such an experience with this team. Going to another country can be scary for some people. But I think there is no need to be afraid. I am sure that this experience will give you confidence and a different perspective on life. In life, you don't always have everything in front of you. Sometimes you have to take a step and seize the opportunities. This was my first experience abroad but I am sure it will not be my last. I would like to thank                     Antalya Value Creators Association and Ofensiva Tinerilor for this beautiful experience. These people working to broaden the horizons of young people are really valuable.


Hacettepe Üniversitesi İngiliz Dili ve Edebiyatı

       Hello, I am Melih Yılmaz and I was one of the participants of the “Train-the-Trainer” project which took place in Arad, Romania between June 14-22.

First of all the topic of the project was very intriguing since I’m interested in becoming a trainer and a facilitator. I want to thank Corina and her team for creating such a great environment and the Antalya Association of Value Creators for providing us this kind of opportunity.

        As for the experiences, the traveling was an adventure and a unique experience overall. I met lots of people from different countries and cultures and traveled few cities on my way to Arad and Turkey. Also overcoming a few challenges because of some unexpected events in a foreign country made my journey so interesting and fun. When I arrived at the place we stayed, I was amazed since it was quite integrated with nature and it was super peaceful. The rooms we stayed in were quite comfortable and cozy, and I enjoyed some cultural meals they provided us such as a food called Mici and various traditional soups.

       After the activities started, for 4 days we learned how to be a trainer and a facilitator. The training process was really exciting and fun, I can say I never got bored or tired of it. We covered lots of topics with lots of examples about the topic. Then, in the last 3 days, we were separated into groups and each group had a chance to show what they had learned. I had so much fun while preparing our presentation and performing what I had learned. Also, I enjoyed participating in the presentations and activities of the other groups as well. Each presentation covered many important topics such as human rights, cyber security, social awareness, etc. Also, some of the presentations and activities were really creative which gave me new perspectives and raised my awareness in certain topics.

       Apart from these, it was socially quite an experience as well. I met many great people from various countries and we managed to have a very strong bond in such a short time. We spent our time with different activities such as hiking, playing volleyball, and various games. Each of us shared different things from our countries and cultures.

       Overall, it was a great experience, it was very educating and I enjoyed every second I spent on the project. If you are thinking about joining the projects such as this or similar ones, I would say just do it! I’m sure you won’t regret seeing different cultures and places, participating in different activities, and learning about different topics. Hope to meet you on another project!


Kadir Has Üniversitesi
Elektrik-Elektronik Mühendisliği

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Elçin Doğa KAVZA
İstanbul Rumeli Üniversitesi

       After a difficult journey to Arad, I was finally managed to arrive to the destination, Casoaia. I was in a mix of excitement and nervousness, but my friends welcomed me warmly that felt like I was already at home. With the opportunity of Train the Trainer program, I could enhance my skills as a trainer and educator, and I was eager to immerse myself in a new cultural and educational setting.

       We participated in a broad range of activities, workshops, and seminars during the course of the program that were specifically created to support our development as trainers. We examined several training methodologies, methods for successful communication, and strategies for involving students from varied cultural backgrounds and learning styles. The knowledge of the facilitator and the zeal of my classmates never ceased to challenge and excite me. I learned how to learn.

       I really enjoyed having the chance to lead our own training session. The initial anxiety eventually gave way to confidence as I saw my mates engaged, enthusiastic and always supportive. I was able to strengthen my training methods, consider and pinpoint areas for mobility thanks to constructive criticism from the members of other associations and mentor. This experience was crucial in helping me gain confidence in my abilities as a trainer in terms of presentation and public speaking skills.

       The cultural exchange was also so valuable. I built friendships in several countries, such as Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Armenia, Greece, and Georgia. I got the chance to meet other associations from other countries and was able to introduce Antalya Value Creators Association. I was able to get to know their culture and overcome the stereotypes and misleading misconceptions about my culture. Additionally, as Antalya Value Creators Association, we shared our values that we care about to other associations, negotiated certain Erasmus+ projects and decided to organize an event in our countries. Plus, we had so much fun with playing traditional board games and having activities like karaoke and dancing. These connections, spanning continents, will undoubtedly be instrumental in my future collaborations and personal development.

       After the training program, I traveled to Timisoara which contributed to immerse on Romanian culture. I was able to enjoy the beauty of diversity and get valuable insight about cultural exchange through seeing the historical sites, trying traditional Romanian food, and talking with the locals.

I’m Elçin Doğa Kavza. I participated in the project Traine the Trainer in Casoaia, Romania between July 14-22.

I had some concerns before joining the project. Like having to speak a language that is not my mother tongue, being with people I don't know. However, before I left, I realized that the situations that worried me actually contributed to my self-development.

It was fun and good to meet people from different cultures and learn about their lives. We had a very nice week in touch with nature. Outside of the training hours we discovered the beautiful nature of Casoaia. We had a lot of opportunity to meet people. Since we were a group with people from different countries at the events we held, it was not possible to be shy and keep quiet , so we bonded very quickly . We taught each other words from our languages, we tried to pronounce them correctly. We played games all together.

Although I was nervous at first, now I know that I have friends from all over the world. I hope our paths cross again one day. I am very happy and lucky to be involved in this project. 

       I woutl like to thank Antalya Value Creators Association for giving me this opportunity

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